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Main Product Categories

Showcasing all the little free from treats hidden behind doors, in drawers and in pouches that everyone likes to open in ever-increasing excitement as the big day draws near! This could be chocolate, pork scratching, liqueurs or sweeties, or anything else edible and free from! The rule is – it must be some sort of countdown to Christmas!

The judging process for this category will be slightly different in that once all entries have been blind-tasted, scored and discussed, the process will be repeated but this time with the packaging.

This item is not available

It’s the sweetest time of the year! From traditional desserts to more alternative options, the choices are now plentiful. Some may be show stopping centrepieces whilst others a more modest option, but all are delectable and delicious.

We are inviting entries from Christmas puddings to festive cheesecakes, from mountainous trifles to profiterole ski slopes. We’d also like to see confections such as fudge, mint creams, truffles and chocolate thins. If it’s sweet and decadent, then this is the category!

This item is not available
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Festive traditions are important when it comes to Christmas dinner and inclusivity is desired on both a practical and emotional level.

Those managing food allergies or intolerances want to be part of the same foodie traditions that their family and friends are experiencing, and for those preparing and cooking the dinner there is often not adequate safe preparation (or oven space) to provide numerous different completely free from options.

From festive meal centres and stuffing, to pigs in blankets and other traditional accompaniments, not forgetting the gravy and other sauces; everything included on the main Christmas dinner table should be entered here.

This item is not available
  • Gluten Free Beer – including low & no alcohol
  • Wine, Spirits & Liqueurs – including low & no alcohol
  • Mixers & Soft Drinks

Christmas is a time of celebration and coming together, when possibly more than any other time of the year, we love to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Our drinks category includes all the drinks you’d ever see at a party or bar during this festive season. GF beer, spirits, cocktails, ciders, wines, mixers, syrups, kombucha, elixirs and seltzers that are free from, vegan, alcohol-free, or sugar-free mean that everyone can join in the celebrations, irrespective of allergies or dietary restrictions.

This item is not available
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All those free from food and drinks you’d be proud to gift your friends and family – whether under the tree, in the stocking or on arrival at a festive occasion.

Presentation counts when gifting, so in this category we will be recognising quality and free from credentials, as well as the visual appeal of both the product and the packaging.

There are no hard or fast rules, all products in your range are ideal entries for this category.

The judging process for this category will be slightly different in that once all entries have been blind-tasted, scored and discussed, the process will be repeated but this time with the packaging.

This item is not available

The free from party food offer has come a long way over recent years. The once dreaded Christmas buffet can now be an inclusive occasion and this makes us happy.

The innovation over the last few years has been impressive. Festive party food launches are now eagerly anticipated with consumers stockpiling their favourite products to enjoy throughout the year.

From canapés and sharing bites (savoury or sweet) to dips, crisps and crackers – this category is for anything served at a Christmas mingle.

This item is not available

It’s reported that on average Brits will have eaten their first mince pie of the year by the end of November but what other tea time treats rival this festive icon? Whatever they are, enter them here.

There are an increasing number of seasonal treats hitting the free from shelves each year from spiced biscuits and decadent yule logs to festive cupcakes and gingerbread creations so let’s see whether the mince pie will reign supreme.

This item is not available
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